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1:1 High quality Swiss Grand Seiko’s new manual winding ultra-thin fashion collection commemorates replica watches

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Today, the Grand Seiko Elegance collection introduces a new style that is thinner and more refined than ever before to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Spring Drive. The four models in the series, with two new manual-winding Spring Drive movements, and the Spring Drive’s signature scanning-sliding hands reflect the true beauty of time. Thanks to its double mainspring design, all styles are accurate to one second, with long-term power reserve and a subtle exquisite and high-quality brilliance of Grand Seiko’s unique Japanese aesthetic.
The new Spring Drive Replica Rolex watches from Miniature Masters Studios The masterpiece of the Mini Art Masters Workshop for Grand Seiko is the highly acclaimed Spring Drive 8-Day Power Reserve Watch at the 2016 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show . The same elite team presented the new 9R02 movement, with a double parallel spring in a barrel and a unique Torque Return System* for up to 84 hours of power reserve. Regardless of the appearance or the inside, the two Replica Rolex models equipped with the 9R02 movement are equally eye-catching. The case is made of 950 lead gold and is only 9.8 mm thick. The hands and hour markers are made in 14K white gold and can be used for decades without fading. The Grand Seiko logo, sub-marks and other markings are engraved into the dial, and the power reserve display is placed on the back of the watch, clearly visible through the sapphire crystal case back. The shape of the barrel is in the shape of a bellflower, which is a symbol of the city of Salt Fart, where the production house is located. The edges of the double plywood are polished to a high level and the brightness is comparable to the perfect plywood drawing effect.

One of them is available in limited quantities and its design reflects the beauty of the natural environment surrounding the miniature art studio. The snowflake on the dial is inspired by the beautiful snowflakes of Qianxinzhou, and the silver brushed dial complements the finely hand-polished white gold case. In addition, the 18K gold nameplate on the plywood below the limited edition is engraved with the words “Micro Artist”. If the wearer likes it, you can choose to replace it with a nameplate engraved with your name.
*Torque Return System: When the torque output reaches the highest point, the mainspring is full chain, the power of the ordinary movement to support the watch can only output 70%, and still 30% of the power is wasted. . The torque return system can then use this part of the power to re-tighten the mainspring, further increasing the power reserve time.
The Shinshu replica watches Workshop, which has the same equipment as the Mini Art Master’s Workshop, is the home of all other Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches. The studio presents two exquisite hand-wound fashion watches to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Spring Drive. Both models are equipped with the new 9R31 Spring Drive calibre, which is equipped with a dual mainspring construction as well as the 9R02 calibre. The accuracy is also one-second by day and the power reserve is up to 72 hours. One of the cases is designed with 18K yellow gold and a “snowflake” dial, the other is stainless steel, and the dial is designed with a radial sun pattern. Both models are only 10.2 mm thick. The overall design of the watch has the classic features of Grand Seiko, low-key and elegant, delicate and clear hands and time markers show Grand Seiko’s iconic light and shadow interlacing features.